The Children of Brinn (Sometimes just called 'The Children') are a somewhat lawful group of mercenaries based out of Ashbane. They work all over the world and will ship troops to a high paying job if need be. They generally do not take unlawful work but even so they sometimes find themselves butting heads with the local guards.

They frequently rent out their troops as bodyguards or security for travelers or shipped goods. It's no uncommon to see a boat or wagon being unloaded with valuable goods on board, and a Child of Brinn waiting nearby for the product to change hands so that they can return home.

The Children accept any who can function to protect their interests. They hire warriors, magic users, even healers. They have zero interest on concern in one's race as long as they follow the rules and follow orders. The organization has SOME political support in Ashbane, this often comes into play when they find themselves rubbing up against the Hernessians.

Notable Children: