Also known as the spirit world, Gorsus is where demons, imps, spirits, shades, and sometimes even ghosts exist. It is similar to 'limbo' and should not be visited by the living. There are mortals who can gaze into the spirit world, or commune with those that reside there, but it is unwise for mortals to travel, as is it unwise for spritis to travel to the world of mortals. This stops no one though.

Hood Episode ThreeEdit

The Gateway


The stone with the hole drilled into it

Hood Episode FourEdit

The domain of Them


Filled with memories and their debris. Settled detritus of forgotten memories. "An infinite flow of lost and forgotten memories settle here. Be careful not to lose yourself in them."

A blue-gray world filled with the odds and ends that have washed ashore from the sea of memories. Photographs, clocks, lost and forgotten things. The only color is from those spirits that remember themselves.

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