The daughter of a wealthy and deceased nobleman from the village of Shadetale. She has also been called 'Hood' and 'The girl with auburn hair.' She can speak the language Them and is able to understand the words of birds and other forest animals.

Hyptosis the-wood-witch

Hood Episode One

Cameron goes missing and the town of Shadetale comes under attack by evil spirits. The town suspects she is the cause and call for a Hunter to come and slay her. Her father, worried about her, treks into the demon infested woods to find her. While most of the village had given up hope on her, Ettlethorne had not and wished for the Hunter to not track and kill her.

Hood Episode Two

Cameron makes her way into the forest and finds a prison ship referred to by the spirits of the forest as a 'Metal Demon.' At one time it contained something or someone the Cameron refers to as 'Grandmother.' She also briefly stops by Boyen's shack on her search for this 'Grandmother'.

Hood Episode Three

Little new informaiton about Cameron's status is provided in Hood 3, only that she is 'deeper' than the Wolf suspected and that she is not the witch that has been plaguing the town of Shadetale. Off the hook for her accused crime, the Wolf still seeks her out to find why she is missing. On his adventure the Wolf uncovers a small piece of her red cloak. According to Ettlethorne, the red hood Cameron wears was a gift from her grandmother who died some years ago.

Cameron can speak to birds and possibly other animals as well.

Hood Episode Four

Cameron has been taken to the Spirit World by a terrible and powerful demon that deceives her. It needs her; it needs to possess her body in order to escape its prison in the Spirit World. Under the demon's influence, Cameron believes it is her beloved grandmother and is willing to do anything to protect it. When the Hunter comes to kill the Archdemon, Cameron stops his blade. He knocks her out and kills the Archdemon.
Hyptosis cameron

Baldewin & Cameron


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